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Resilience and Thriving: Neuroscience-based principles and practices for doing and being our best in a world of change and adversity

In striving to fulfill our demands at work and at home, we are called to rise and engage where others withdraw, to see challenge where others see threat, and to tend and befriend where others focus only on their own needs. While many excel at times with these resilient behaviors, they are also behaviors that can elude us when needed most. The good news is that resilience is a skill that can be grown and developed. And resilience can provide an added boost to all our personal and work endeavors in which we face change, adversity, and challenge. Think of your most change-able, most adaptable learners and change program participants. Now think of how much more successful your efforts might be if more of those participants were equally resilient and adaptable. In this session, we look at the neuroscientific and psychological underpinnings of resilience. Then with this understanding, we explore practical, science-based means of fostering resilience in ourselves and others for greater change and learning program success.